Our comprehensive range of products caters for small to large-scale businesses, from convenience stores, bars and restaurants to commercial kitchens, bakeries, conference facilities, and everything in between.

Using our own dedicated project team, we are with our clients from conception to completion. We start by establishing the right SKOPE solution for your business, then we maintain regular contact with you and your team – architect, suppliers, contractors, builders and caterers – throughout the process.

Our products enable chefs and others in the retail and hospitality sectors to shape the future of the food and beverage industry. As many of our sales team are former chefs themselves, our expertise in this highly specialised area sets us apart from our competitors.

Food hygiene is paramount at SKOPE, and our history with and ongoing commitment to developing relationships with global food and beverage manufacturers, ensures we exceed food safety requirements. Our products constantly and evenly chill food and beverages, which is of vital importance is today’s increasingly regulated market.